October 30

NC Focus: Support fair financing and adequate funding for public schools

National Focus: Support affordable access to and needed funding for our national parks.

October 26

NC Focus: North Carolina focus: Thank Governor Cooper and AG Josh Stein for their support for LGBTQ rights; contact NC legislators to request statewide LGBTQ protections

National Focus: Call members of the Armed Services Committees to request that they investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of four US servicemen in Niger

October 25: 5 Minute Health Care Action

Write letters to the editor at the News and Observer or your local paper urging Congress to consider a single payer system as a cost-effective option to increasing premiums.

October 23

October 23, 2017 5 Minute Actions PREFACE: When these are original Direct Action ideas from Together We Will North Carolina, they will be marked as such. Others are not original to Together We Will North Carolina and are shared from their sources with only minor...