August 31

NC Focus: Contact your state legislators to request more funding to protect our water from Gen X

National Focus: Ask Dept of Defense Secretary Mattis, John McCain, and your Members of Congress to stand with transgender people and to speak out against Trump’s transgender military ban

August 28

NC Focus: Let your state representative and senator know what you think of fair maps (or new “fair” maps). Call your state representative not to override veto on H576 (garbage juice) on Monday; call your state senator not to override veto on H140 (affects loan fees for low income earners) on Tuesday

National Focus: Support Federal Efforts to Counter Violent Extremism (CVE), call the Dept of Homeland Security and your members of Congress to support the CVE program and the Life After Hate project.

August 24

NC Focus: Tell your state rep & senator NO to veto override on HB 576 and HB 40, as well as NO to HB 162

National Focus: Tell your senator to support Congressional Oversight of Military Action in the “War on Terror”

August 23: 5 Minute Health Care Actions

Tell Senator Burr to include single payer experts in Sept committee meetings on health care. Sign a petition. Connect with Sen Burr’s health policy team to help educate them about single payer health care.