July 31

NC Focus: Submit a public comment on redistricting and fair maps on NCGA website

National Focus: Contact Senators Burr and Tillis to state that you oppose the appointment of Kevin Newsom to the Court of Appeals for 11th Circuit and Damien Schiff for the Court of Federal Claims.

July 28, Health Care Alert!

Celebrate! Thank the Republicans who stood up for health care. Let people in DC know we expect bipartisan efforts to stabilize the ACA as a transition to health care for all, HR 676.

July 27

Join a local rapid-response mobilization group; Keep calling Burr and Tillis everyday about healthcare for all; Attend Healthcare Rallies all over NC.

July 26: 5 Minute Health Care Actions

Contact Senators Burr & Tillis to oppose repeal without replace, support interim efforts to stabilize the ACA, and support National Improved Medicare for All (NAMI). Share your support for NAMI!