May 31: 5 Minute Health Care Actions

May 31: 5 Minute Health Care Actions
– North Carolina focus: Learn about how Trump’s budget would affect NC.
– National focus: Support health care for all, oppose the AHCA.

May 29

NC Focus: Catch up on the NC budget: decide what’s most important to you during the final steps of the process (House budget vote late this week, then conference committee with the Senate), contact your representative early this week.

National Foci: March for Truth in Raleigh, Asheville or Charlotte on June 3. NC page (with links to separate event pages): Help with costs if you can:

Last push for the Paris Climate Agreement, write or call White House:; contact Sen Tillis,; email Scott Pruitt (EPA),; Rex Tillerson (Sec of State),; Rick Perry (Energy Sec),

May 25

NC Focus: Support fair elections.
National Focus: Support an independent commission into Russia’s involvement in the election and the administration.

May 22

NC Focus: Support HB 88 (independent practice for nurse practitioners), oppose HB 576 (spraying landfill leachate in the air). Contact info in comments.

National Focus: Support common-sense sentencing of nonviolent drug offenders. Contact NC AG Josh Stein (919-716-6400) and the US DoJ (202-353-1555 or Contact Senators Burr ( and Tillis (, tell them you support the recently reintroduced Justice Safety Valve Act. Sign a DoJ petition:

May 18

NC Focus: Support a state budget that invests in the environment. Contact your state representative ( to share your personal story of how the Senate’s proposed budget will affect your family and air/water quality where you live, and finally how it will affect the whole state.

National Focus: Tell your MoCs to keep looking into Russian involvement in US Elections. NC Senator Richard Burr:; NC Senator Thom Tillis:; House of Representatives: