February 27

North Carolina focus: Support full repeal of HB 2

National focus: Say No to Discrimination Aimed at Transgender Students

February 23

North Carolina focus: Support the North Carolina Association of Educators petition to pass HB13 to raise per-pupil funding to the national average

National focus: Speak out against the administration’s attempt to undermine the ACA

TWW-NC Direct Action Focus: Special Elections.

TWW-NC Direct Action Focus: Special Elections.

We started work on this in late December 2016 / early January 2017 when we thought there would be 2017 Special Elections in North Carolina. Despite the redistricting elections being delayed until 2018, we are continuing our work and will shortly rename our focus. Our...

February 20

North Carolina focus: Call your city or town council about the use of city resources to support deportations

National focus: Tell Your Representative to Oppose HR 610, School Choice Act

Day Without Immigrants Rally – Durham

Day Without Immigrants Rally – Durham

I was at the rally in Durham from 10:30am until around 1:00pm. It began with around 100 people and quickly expanded to well over 200 by my estimate. Most of the attendees were, it seemed, Spanish-speaking Latinx. I saw many Mexican, Honduran, and Salvadoran flags, and...